I-SEC International Security B.V. was established in 2005. I-SEC specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services worldwide.

These include security consulting and security handling: security profiling, checkpoint screening, HBS screening, cargo security, and other services. In addition, the company provides standard as well as tailor-made training courses for security staff and management.

The company benefits from the broad know-how and international operational experience it has acquired in more than two decades of intensive activity in the field of aviation security. I-SEC's management and key personnel are widely recognized in the industry as developers of pioneering aviation security concepts, methods and technologies, focusing primarily on high-risk environments. With its highly skilled and experienced professional staff, supported by proprietary technological innovations, I-SEC is ideally positioned to deliver cost-effective aviation security solutions and services to airlines and airports with varying operational volumes and needs. Since 2005, new I-SEC Subsidiaries have been established in numerous European countries in order to efficiently supply aviation security services locally. Additionally, highly specialized security service contracts with major US carriers across Europe have been awarded to I-SEC. Today, I-SEC operates in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, and Japan and is continuing to expand to other countries.