I-SEC will continue its longstanding tradition of maintaining a high level of professionalism, dedication to clients, and ongoing development of cost-effective security solutions designed to effectively meet present and future challenges of our clients.

Aviation is one of the most highly regulated and technology-intensive security fields. Our management and key personnel have years of experience on the frontline. So we not only think like airport and airline managers, we can also adopt the mindset of offenders like illegal immigrants, smugglers or terrorists. As a result, we are always up to date on the latest security directives and threats and can implement solutions fast. And to maintain the highest level of quality, we constantly challenge security concepts and models, including our own. We can easily apply this knowledge and expertise to other transportation sectors.


Skilled manpower trained to carry out a wide range of handling services.

  • Hold baggage screening (HBS)
  • Passenger and hand luggage screening
  • Passenger profiling
  • Travel document verification
  • Cargo security
  • Other handling services including check-in, gate handling and ticketing


Sharing our expert knowledge and experience in the design and development of security systems worldwide.

  • Risk assessment and security program enhancement
  • Security system implementation
  • Airport security equipment review
  • Security surveys and audits
  • Interim management solutions


Over 40 modular training programs covering all aspects of airline and airport security.

  • Tailor-made courses
  • Field-experienced trainers
  • Modern training techniques including simulations and role play
  • Supported by sophisticated tools to enhance interest, enjoyment and effectiveness
  • Constantly updated to meet new trends and threats
  • Available worldwide
  • Unique train-the-trainer programs
  • Full compliance with local regulations


Advanced technology tools developed and maintained by I-SEC to enhance security, upgrade customer service, increase operational efficiency and improve flexibility.

  • Advanced Passenger Screening (APS) – Next-generation profiling software
  • I-BOX – Mobile unit incorporating document screening and APS
  • I-CHECK – Smart security integrated with your airport check-in systems
  • Doc-CHECK – Automated immigration requirements verification
  • IVAS – Document authentication software for access control