I-SEC Nederland B.V. (I-SEC), a leading provider of aviation security services in the Netherlands, today announced that it has been awarded two major security contracts at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) for a term of five years each and with an option to extend these terms twice for one year. I-SEC has been providing AAS’ passenger security screening for the past six years. This latest award further expands its scope of activities to include additional security services on this significant European airport, ranking as Europe's 4th by total passenger traffic.

Mart Vergouwen, General Manager of I-SEC Nederland B.V., said:  “This result is fantastic for the I-SEC Group. We recognize that the award is a vote of trust by AAS towards our employees and management team here at Schiphol Airport. We will continue to demonstrate that we are a first-rate security vendor with proven commitment to the highest quality service.

“Our commitment to security is second to none. In order to meet the complex security needs of our airport clients, it is critical to successfully merge processes with highly trained personnel,” said Ran Langer, Group’s CEO, “As a long-term service provider to AAS, we have a comprehensive understanding of the security requirements and processes of Schiphol. This allows us to provide solutions that will help assure the overall efficiency of the airport.”